“Sarolta has always provided Marcello's with quality design work of the highest caliber, including our corporate website and business cards, the Marcello’s hot cups and our corporate brochures and presentation folders. Her creativity and great taste enhance our image. Her work ethics are impeccable and she is very dependable.”

-- Fadi I. Kachi, President, Marcello's Market & Deli Inc., Ottawa, Canada


“I was Sarolta's immediate supervisor while she was working at non-linear creations as a web designer. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and professionalism. Besides being a joy to work with, Sarolta is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate them clearly. She always pushed herself creatively no matter how challenging the technical limitations were. She has successfully designed several websites for our clients. Her passion for design and talent is truly a cut above. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”

-- Nathalie Mendonca, Director of Creative Services at non-linear creations, Ottawa,


“Working with Sarolta is a delight. She is always very professional and attentive to our design needs. We first approached her to help us revamp our logo and since then we have trusted her with a number of our most important projects, including designing printed and electronic book covers, promotional materials, as well as our new website. Sasa has exceeded our expectations on every project and that is one of the many reasons we come back to her time and time again.”

-- Gabriela Etcheverry,


“Thanks to Sarolta's up-to-date knowledge of the behavior patterns of the traffic and the latest trends on the internet, and above all to her excellent web design skills, the "bounce rate" on my website decreased from 63% to 17%, after I had implemented her design and graphics. Sarolta's work is like a breath of fresh air, full of originality, passion and quest for perfection--qualities that are quite hard to come across nowadays. I would highly recommend Sarolta for any printed graphic and web design work. Professionalism and a pleasant, respectful attitude are qualities that describe her work ethics.”

-- Sarju Sooch


“Sarolta Gyoker is a dramatist, a fabulist and poet with a camera.  Her haunting images reveal the resonant corners of personal history and memory while enunciating a dreamlike longing for making the present whole.  Her sensitive response to the people and places she encounters reveals itself in crystalline scenes that are layered with meanings, even when they are stark and abrupt.  She often dwells in shadows and reflections, winding through passages of erudition and intuition.  Echoes of time’s fractured dimensions flow through her work.  Her technique is beyond reproach, but what breathes inimitable life into her lovingly created photographs is the irreducible generosity of her compassion.”

--Hugh Siegel, Director of Executive Communications/Editorial Director, Thirteen/WNET, New York,


“Elegance and sensitivity are the two words that come to my mind to describe the photography of Sarolta Gyoker. In her shots, Sarolta shows us her skills of using shadow and light with an elegant visual impact as well as her ability to capture people’s emotions.
I admire her talent to catch the details and to tell us everyday life stories in a unique personal style: beautiful natural graphism combined to a warm-hearted approach to photography makes her one of my favourite artists.”

--Valeria Berti, graphic designer and photographer, Padua, Italy


“Sarolta’s photography is all about sensibility. The deep emotional response that is always contained in her pictures is so intense that I usually have to spend more that the usual dozen of minutes I dedicate to “stroll” around a photo to read every bit of her pictures. Sometimes, I get so immersed in her photos that I find myself looking at them for an entire half of an hour before even trying to record a single statement. And when this happens, the resulting impression I try to verbalize is no more that a derailed train of words that tend to fail in describing the mix of emotions these studies normally leave me in.
Her photography is also a constant source of amazement-- the ultimate proof that it is the photographer that makes the picture and not the machine that records the world. And that’s just a sign why she is so unique… The designer way of composing, the incredible cultural references, the sensitive approach to people and its surrounding world and the imaginative way how she captures daily life are some of the reasons why I consider Sarolta one of the best photographers known to me. I deeply thank her for being that persistent spring of light and amazement. Her perceptive read of this world has thought me a lot since I discovered her soul through her photographs – and photography itself – and I bet it will keep on making me smile and wonder for many years to come. Her positive way of thinking and the belief she conveys though her words and images are the proof that miracles do happen every day.”

--Luis Afonso



"Sarolta's photographs have that rare quality of permanence which is so difficult to capture in the fleeting, the ephemeral, the vanishing moments of life around us. Her work is distinctive in combining instinctively graphical abstraction with deeply felt human elements, in which the ordinary often glows with an extraordinary warmth of empathy."

--Animesh Ray, Ph.D., Professor, Director of Ph.D program, Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont, California


“As a Senior IT Project Manager at the Canadian Red Cross Society (April 2007 - April 2009), I was assigned to manage a number of IT Infrastructure projects, each of which required a significant amount of end user communications and publications etc. in order inform, notify and educate the entire Society on the changes these projects would bring and how they would impact on their daily work. Sarolta was the person with whom I relied on to help design all of my project communications. In addition to the standard newsletters and notifications, she also created an awesome design that we selected to use for one of the largest IT projects ever undertaken in the CRC. Her dedication, professionalism, creativity and friendly & approachable manner - made her simply a pleasure to work with and I think that the Red Cross Society should consider themselves very fortunate to have someone like Sarolta work with them!”

--Leslie Ventura, Project Manager, IT Infrastructure, Alterna Savings, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 5B2


“Sarolta’s wonderful design work she produced for our Foundation during the last two years. In particular we felt she had understood exactly what we wanted on the promotional material to launch our website and the resulting design was much appreciated by the hundreds of those who received copies at the National Arts Centre in March of 2008.
It was a pleasure working with her on the details. We were also impressed by the speed with which she produced complex creative designs. We certainly hope to maintain our creative partnership in the future as well.”

--Judy Young Drache, President, Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation


"I've enjoyed working with Sarolta on a range of software products at OEone Corporation. Sarolta was instrumental in designing the look and feel of our internet appliance software as well as our web presence. Being a great creative thinker, she's able to translate wireframe designs into highly engaging and beautiful works of art. It was an inspiration to be around Sasa, and her positive energy and experience are key to the success of the design process."

Rex Xu, chief designer and owner,


"I had the pleasure to work with Sarolta for four years at Axentra Corporation. Everyone at the company enjoyed working with her because in addition to her professional competency, she possesses a personal gentleness and sincerity. Her works embraced a broad spectrum, creating marketing and tradeshow posters, brochures and colateral materials, as well as the company’s web sites, web stores, and product packaging.  Although she has the keen eye of a perfectionist, she has the ability to respect deadlines, so all of her work is not only of impeccable quality, but also delivered in a timely manner.  Sarolta is an invaluable employee, to say the least."

  --Todd Kelley, CTO, Axentra Corporation,


“I've known Sarolta since we worked together at OEone Corporation in 2002, and have kept in touch with her since. She is a great graphic designer as well as a cheerful, friendly person with a high degree of professionalism. It was Sarolta whom I eventually requested to design , one of the largest community portals devoted to curling in Canada, of which I was the owner for many years, until the birth of my first child. Sarolta demonstrated her skills not only as a web designer but also as someone who is on top of the latest web trends and is able to accommodate the constraints imposed by multiple browsers with elegance and style. Her works stand out in the field and are testimonies both to her rich cultural and educational background and to her passion for design.

--Mike Potter, Adobe, founder and owner of